Chieftain Coco 15PE Packaged Tertiary Filter

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For use after any EN12566:Part 3 secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant

Local Authorities may specify higher effluent quality levels in specific circumstances. Tertiary treatment is used to treat wastewater to high quality prior to discharge to a sensitive area or water course. We at Molloy Precast are delighted to design, manufacture, and install solutions for such circumstances. We have developed a range of design solutions.

Why a Chieftain Coco Filter?

  • Off-the-shelf design - a ready to install packaged tertiary treatment system
  • Easy to install - no high skilled installation procedures required
  • Ready to go design - just place on the infiltration/dispersal pad and connect the inlet pipe
  • Compact - this system has a reduced footprint compared to a sand polishing filter
  • Available in 8PE and 15PE modules

You should consider if...

  • You are in need of a tertiary treatment filter
  • You want to reduce the footprint from a soil polishing filter
  • You have a small site
  • Your site has a high water table or bedrock. This system could potentially eliminate the need for a raised bed.
  • Available in 8PE and 15PE modules

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