Polylok 4 Way Distribution Box 300mm Diameter

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The Polylok Distribution Box is the most versatile box on the market today. You can choose what height of distribution boxes you want your inlets and outlet slotted filters to be. It also comes compete with the only seal on the market of distribution boxes that accepts 50mm, 75mm, 110mm and corrugated pipe. No more different fittings in distribution boxes to inventory! It also comes with stabilizing feet to anchor the box.

  • Use as Rain Drain, D-Box, or Drop Box; allows for all configurations.
  • Use as a rain drain for gutters, driveways & sub surface drainage.
  • Use as a distribution box or drop box for onsite septic systems.
  • Use with the 300mm riser to bring cover or grate to grade as needed.
  • Accepts 50mm, 75mm, 110mm and corrugated pipe.
  • Use with solid cover or grate, your choice, no additional cost.
  • Four stabilizing feet with every box.

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