Pedrollo Top Multi Tech 2 - 42m Head Pressure Activated

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TOP MULTI-TECH pumps are recommended for pumping clean water and liquids that are not chemically aggressive for the materials from which the pump is made.
Because of their high efficiency and reliability they are suitable for use in applications such as domestic water supply from reservoirs, tanks or relatively deep wells, for drawing rain water from cisterns to water gardens or for use in irrigation systems, etc.
An internal electronic device starts or stops the pump automatically when the tap is opened or closed.

  • Liquid type: Clean Water
  • Uses: domestic, civil
  • Applications: irrigation pumps, water supply systems, pressure systems
  • typology: submersible
  • Family: multistage submersible pumps
  • Flow rate up to 80 l/min (7,2 m³/h)
  • Head up to 42 m
  • Temperature of the liquid to +40 °C
  • 5 m maximum immersion depth
  • Maximum height between pump and point of use 10 m
  • Suction down to 34 mm above ground level

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