Klargester NSBP3 By-Pass Separator

Excl Vat



By-Pass Separators fully treat all flows generated by rainfall rates of up to 6.5mm/hr. This covers over 99% of all rainfall events. Flows above this rate are allowed to bypass the separator. Each By-Pass Separator design includes the necessary volume requirement for:-

  • Oil separation capacity
  • Silt storage capacity
  • Oil storage volume
  • Coalescer


  • Light and easy to install, saving you time and money
  • Polyethylene Chamber Construction
  • Oil alarm system available (required by EN858-1 and PPG3)
  • Inclusive of silt storage volume
  • Fitted inlet/outlet connectors
  • Vent points within necks
  • Extension access shafts for deep inverts
  • Maintenance from ground level
  • CE-marked



  • Flowrate 3 l/s
  • Peak flowrate 30 l/s
  • Drainage area - 1670m2
  • Storage Capacity (litres) - Silt 300l / Oil 45l
  • Base to invert level - 1420mm
  • Base to outlet level - 1320mm
  • Min. Invert Inlet - 500mm
  • Standard pipework dia - 160mm
  • Standard fall across - 100mm



  • Fully compliant and tested to EN 858-1
  • Certified flow and process performance assessing effluent qualities to the requirements of EN 858-1
  • The unit is designed to treat the 'first flush' - 10% of peak flow. The calculated drainage areas served by each separator are indicated according to the formula NSB = 0.0018A(m2)
  • Class 1 separators are designed to achieve a concentration of less than 5mg per litre


Inlet 160mm or 315mm Pipe Diameter

Neck Extension also available.

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