Smart EVO 2 Control Panel Duty Stand-by 230V

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The evolution of the best seller electronic control panel by Elentek.
The most complete control panel for sewage and pumping systems ever!

Born from the need to combine in a single product the functions of panels for clean water (emptying, filling, pressurization, etc) and sewage pump panels (emptying and sewage water) and to offer always more function, safety and control, SMART EVO raises the standard without extra cost!

The control panels SMART EVO are made in an original Elentek thermoplastic ABS design box, watertight, selfextinguishing, IP55.

Each panel has LED lights signaling voltage presence, thermal protection and motor running, a main switch interlocking door, pushbuttons for manual or automatic operation, level relay for probes volt free alarm contacts.

The users and external controls such as float switches and pressure switches are to be connected on the terminals of the main electronic board.

  • Power supply 1phase 100-240Vac 50/60Hz (SMART EVO-Mono);
  • Power supply 3phase 100-240Vac 50/60Hz (SMART EVO-Tri);
  • Input for 3 single-pole probes (COM-MIN-MAX);
  • Input G.A. normally open for alarm activation;
  • Push-buttons for selecting operation
  • AUTOMATIC-0-MANUAL(temporary);
  • DIP-SWITCH selectors for:
    • enabling level alarm from probes;
    • thermal cut-out activation delay 5/10 seconds;
    • alarm output settings;
    • alarm reset enable from motor clicson;
    • filling/emptying mode;
    • enabling start/stop float function;
    • delay of electronic board activation on power mains return.
  • Green led: power ON / failure or incorrect phase sequence;
  • Red led: level alarm from probes or GA input;
  • Electronic control of max current due to overload, with assisted calibration;
  • Electronic control of minimum current due to dry run, with assisted calibration;
  • Automatic reset due to minimum current alarm;
  • Timer for delay of motor enabling on power mains return;
  • Protection of auxiliary circuits and motor with fuses;
  • Cumulative alarm output with voltage-free contacts (COM-NO-NC resistive load - 5A / 250V);
  • Cumulative alarm output, live (12Vcc / 100mA);
  • Door lock general disconnect switch;
  • Provision for run capacitors, single phase version (not included);
  • Box in ABS, IP55;
  • Ambient temperature: -5/+40 °C;
  • Relative humidity 50% at 40 °C (condensate free).
  • G/P1 and G/P2 normally open input;
  • T1 and T2 inputs for motor clicson;
  • 2 Green leds: automatic mode enabled;
  • 2 Green led: motor active;
  • 2 Red led: motor overload alarm/minimum current
  • 2 Red led: motor clicson activation alarm
  • DIP-SWITCH selector #8 for enabling motors exchange.
  • Max 2.2Kw
  • Current: 2-18A

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