Klargester 2000 Litre Grease Separator

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Klargester grease separators have been designed to effectively and hygienically separate fats, oils and grease (FOG) from wastewater flow and therefore into local sewer networks, preventing pollution and fines. These separators would be ideal for businesses preparing food for commercial consumption such as; hotels, hospitals, restaurant chains, canteens, university campus’, public houses and other similar applications.


Klargester Grease separators are installed close to water outlets within the kitchen. When the wastewater from these outlets flows through the separator the FOG waste naturally separates from the water by floating to the top, therefore enabling removal before the water reaches the drainage system. Grease separators should be sized in accordance with EN1825 to ensure they are big enough to handle the flow and volume of FOG from your business. Please refer to the guide below and contact us if you need any further assistance.


  • 2000 Litre capacity
  • Flow rate - 4 litres per second
  • Standard invert of 500mm
  • Weight Full: 1860kg
  • Fall Across Unit: 70mm
  • Greatly reduces drain blockages, for maximum operational efficiency
  • Helps improve performance of septic tanks and field drains for best results
  • Prevents contamination of small sewage treatment plants, reducing risk of breakdown
  • Compliant with BS EN 1825-1
  • Protects mains drainage system from grease blockages
  • Prevents the release of FOG into the local sewage system, where build up can cause 'Fatbergs' and result in fines from Local Authorities.


Pedestrian Duty or Vehicular Duty Cover available.

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