Pedrollo VXM8/35 Effluent Pump 230V 8m Head

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Suitable for use in domestic, civil and industrial applications where the water, such as groundwater, surface water and sewage water, contains suspended solids up to Ø 50 mm.
They are suitable for use in applications such as for draining flooded areas such as cellars, underground car parks, car washes, for emptying cesspools and for sewage disposal.
These pumps distinguish themselves for their reliability, which can be best appreciated under automatic operating conditions in fixed installations.

  • Liquid type: Sewage water
  • Uses: domestic, civil, industrial
  • Applications: drainage, dirty water - slightly solid particles, emptying tanks
  • Typology: submersible
  • Family: submersible pumps
  • Flow rate up to 350 l/min (21m³/h)
  • Head up to 8 m
  • Temperature of the liquid to +40 °C
  • 5 m maximum immersion depth (with a sufficiently long power cable)
  • Solids passage: – up to Ø 40 mm for VX8-10-15/35 / – up to Ø 50 mm for VX8-10-15/50
  • Minimum immersion depth for continuous service: – 290 mm for VX8-10-15/35 / – 320 mm for VX8-10-15/50

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